Beginner Guide

Beginner Guide

Postby TheNooB[1] » Wed Apr 04, 2012 3:37 pm

First, English is not my born langue, so if something sounds strange or bad spelling, please ignore.

This Guide is made for level1-10 players. I don’t know anything about level11 and on.

Actually I didn’t play that long, but still I get the basic, I don’t know how long I been playing, but when I started the changes was almost every day. It seem like doomforge now finally have deiced a way for the classes. That said they will properly change it again tomorrow.


From level1-10 stats should all go to stamina, not hard at all, no big calculator needed. Just stamina. Yes you will sometimes loose to toons with the same gear as you with lower stamina, bcuz this game also have some luck and off course skill in fighting. But if you go all stamina you are better off.

Okay but I started the game before reading this guide and I’m level 6 now, so what do I do. Well 2 things you can do. Buy holy water and reset your stats or buy rebirth and start all over.


Well skills are abit triggy and how you choose will depend on you playing style. But I’m sure you will reset them many times as you rise in levels. For that you can buy unlearn skills. I won’t tell you where to put your skill point, bcuz I believe there are many ways. But from level1-10 DON’T put any in body training, that would be a waste. Maybe when you rise above 10, but don’t put any from 1-10.


If you have enough money and want to use some on this, then it’s easy just buy the best gear and weapon. Just know that the most expensive isn’t always better. When you buy gear you can always see the changes under your char screen, and press view stats.

But if you don’t have money to spend then you are abit behind from the start, but not lost. I haven’t seen any rules for having 2 toons, so I guess this trick is okay so far. Of course if they make a rule that each player can only have 1 toon, then you can’t do this anymore

But you make a second toon and maybe raise it 1-2 or 3 levels, whatever you like. Then you buy a sword with you main toon for 10 silver. Then you put it in action house for 2000 or whatever money your second toon have. Then you go buy the sword with your second toon, and buy rebirth and start again.

If you don’t have real money to use on this game, you can only buy 1 thing at the time, so go for weapon first. Weapon is the most importnent, anything else comes after that.


This you don’t have to do until level10, so you have some time to think about. If you go to hall and see the top players, most of them are blademaster or paladin, right now and in that order. Almost no one is bezerker. So you should choose blademaster bcuz of that. Well if you are planning on not skirming in level 10 at all, then maybe yes (I don’t know about level11 and on). But if you want to skirm at level10 then don’t take blademaster, for level10 is the worst choice to make. I don’t know what level it changes but at level10 bezerker and paladin it’s much much better. Anyway you can always change class later. Witch on to choose it’s up to you. Both are good in skirm at level10 but skirm seems to be bug, it’s not always that stomp work, and if you want to win as paladin you need stomp to work. However when it works I think the paladin will win most fights.


We touch it abit before, but let’s go abit deeper. Skirm is from level1-5 and then again from level6-10. Level1-5 skirm you can win some times as a lower level, but in level6-10 it gets very hard. There’s a big step from level9 to 10. So should I only skirm at level5 and 10. No cuz you learn to be a better fighter by skirmish not fighting an npc player. You should just know that when you are at level6-9 it will be very hard to beat a level10 player. So when you are in skirm against a level10 and you are not, then save your potions for the next fight, that might be a player your own level and the odds are more even. And one more thing if you enter skirm then stay, don’t jump in and out as you please to be on a better team. You win some and you lose some. Of course, if there are 3 level5/10 on one side, and 3level4/9 on the other side it’s just not a fair fight and someone need to leave to balance the fight.


Don’t work yet.

That’s all for now, good fighting.
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